VIZIO 42" 5.1 BT SoundBar w/ Wireless Sub

Got a new TV now I need a new sound bar. Anyone have this one as it looks pretty tempting.

Check out this review over at cnet and check out the product page

Bought it Factory Reconditioned here on July 9 2014 (looks like it was 169.99 then). On impulse at the time. Read reviews after I bought it and it is about the best you can get for a reasonable price. Look at the non-surround sound version reviews they all love it. As for my actual experience it works great in my master bedroom and I am very happy with the sound.

I bought this at $189 a couple months ago here and I LOVE IT. If you’re on the fence just buy the bloody thing now! This sound bar rocks!

:heart: This sound bar. Bought mine last summer from a big box store on sale. Easy to set up. Easy to wall mount. Love the Bluetooth streaming w/ my iPhone or Mac. Thumps when I want to listen to music and explodes when I’m watching a good movie. Connected to my Visio via optical. Provides excellent sound. Paired easily with my Visio TV and cable TV remote so I don’t need to use more than one.

I love this thing! I had a a Onkyo 7.1 reciever and this thing rocks in comparison!! No it does not have the radio, XM, etc., stuff but to produce good quality sound this is the way to go. Yes, it is very simple-unlike the Onkyo!

Great soundbar. Have it in my main TV room, about 22’x17’ and it fills the room with ease. Love the wireless subwoofer that allows near-perfect placement of the rear speakers without all the wired mess. Really good design there. Works perfectly with my 55" Visio and it’s remote.

So much happier with this setup over my old AVR wired rats nest. Much simpler, and sounds great.

I bought this last March from Costco (for a few bucks less, I might add - c’mon now, woot) and it’s turned our bedroom into a sonic oasis.

10/10 for the price, would buy again.

I bought this new off of Amazon last black Friday for $190 and I love it. It is a great improvement over the TV speakers and a really good deal at this price. I have it in my basement with my main TV and it’s a large room but with some tweaking of the speaker layout I do get the surround experience.

Take note that the rear satellite speakers are corded and connected to the subwoofer so it limits the placement a little bit if you have a big room. I believe it was 15’ cables that were provided with the system for the satellites.

Do you think it’s possible to get an extension for the satellites? I have a pretty large room and I don’t know if 15’ will cut it.

I bought this system on woot about a year ago and love it. The wireless sub woofer supports the wired satellite speakers making the setup ideal. When I run on my treadmill I close the door and connect via Bluetooth to my iPhone converting the game-room into a wall vibrating sound chamber!

Good point. I have this system and love it but must admit the length of the wires supporting satellite speakers could be longer.

Do the rear speakers run from the bar or the sub? Thanks! Hoping from the sub, that would be awesome!

I have this and the 2.1 version. The 5.1 is in my basement, the 2.1 in my family room. I love both of them. I paid full price (thanks to some gift cards I received) and found them easy to set up and use. You’re better off running everything through one i/o device, such as your TV or receiver and then into one input. The device doesn’t do a great job in telling you which input it put in.

The remote control is a bit too simplified; the LCD is difficult to read. The soundbar automatically shuts off after a period of inactivity and there are a few little tweaks of which you need to be aware, such as turning off the Auto Off program.

All of the superlatives that have already been posted thus far are warranted. I find myself feeling like a paid shill every time this soundbar comes available on woot!, but I really feel it is the best soundbar you can buy at this price. Very deep, close to full spectrum sound that wouldn’t necessarily get with another company’s offerings. And you definitely won’t get true 5.1ch sound the way you can with this.

That said, I’ll just make a few notes here about sound quality. First, if you don’t have a Sony or Vizio TV, and you ouput from your digital optical on the back of the TV, you aren’t going to get true 5.1 channel sound unless you are sourcing it with an OTA transmission. Other TV manufacturers downgrade their optical out signal to 2 channel linear PCM. This means that “surround” effect you get from the soundbar and its surround speakers is simulated. If you source something directly to the soundbar with the digital optical input, say a cable box or a PlayStation or Xbox, then it will give you true Dolby Digital or DTS. Last thing I always note is that the remote, while very intuitive and very minimalist, is not backlit. That can be a problem if you’re trying to figure things out in the dark. The problem becomes less of an issue once you are familiar with the LED input lights on the front, but at first you might find it an annoyance.

All in all, I can’t recommend this unit enough. It is really great sound quailty in a very compact pacakge. If you are looking to beef up your sound and want a true surround expeirence without the hassle of a receiver, wires, and standalone speakers, this is your best bet. Two thumbs way up from this wooter.

it was recently on sale on C@stc@ for 199.99 after 50.oo off (new). RIght now it is 249.99, but they put E-items on sale frequently.
what is wrong with you woot ? Maybe woot is only for people who doesn’t have internet to do some research :wink:

Yes - the rear speakers do plug into the sub.

Thanks! I had just verified that looking at specs on the same item at walmart’s site. Really positive reviews there and it was selling for about $300!

I noticed that the review on C-Net is for S4251w-B4… with no “C” at the end. I also noticed a model elsewhere, S4251w-B4B. What difference do the B, C, and absence of that letter at the end of the model # represent?