VIZIO 42" or 47" 1080p LCD HDTV



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VIZIO 42" or 47" 1080p LCD HDTV
$499.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Man the picture on the screen is so awesome, I found it difficult to not stare at it for a good 10 seconds.


is that screencap on the TV from a movie or something?


I am somewhat disturbed by the picture on the TV screen, yet simultaneously able to appreciate its high definition clarity!


How do these truly compare to other HD TVs, say Samsung or LG?

I’ve seen Vizios running right next to Samsungs at Walmart, and it seems like the difference is night and day. They’ll both be 1080p, and playing the same show, but the Samsung looks much clearer and sharper IMO.

Vizio owners, convince me.


go for the 47" inch, It’s the only true HDTV clocking in at 120Hz and a pretty good refresh rate.

Although I can’t comment on 3D sometimes that stuff makes me seasick.


The thing is people don’t watch two televisions at the same time. Yes, the Samsung probably does look better. It is also probably more expensive. If you took the Vizio by itself without the benefit of the more expensive television next to it - it would look fine and you would probably be very happy with it!


CNET and other review sites have commented on the lackluster 2D performance of this TV series. Unless you’re going to be watching 3D on it all the time (extremely unlikely) there’ll be better TVs for the price.


go for the 47" inch, It’s the only true HDTV clocking in at 120Hz and that’s a pretty good refresh rate where stuff looks wicked awesome and soups real.

Although I can’t comment on 3D sometimes that stuff makes me seasick.

Oh yeah and the contrast ratio doesn’t suck either.


CNET gives the 47" 3/5 stars. Pretty good 3D, but with a lack in blacks. That said, I own a 4 year old 42" Visio and love it.


Bought the 42" new two months ago. This is a great deal because this is a great tv…awesome picture, good sound. Netflix app doesn’t work but that’s a problem with all smart tvs.


I own the 42 inch version and I think your nuts. It is as good a TV as is out there.These TV’s were mostly sold out last XMas for about $600-$700.

When I watch this TV with a blue Ray disk or with just a good DVD I am still stunned after more than a year. It has 120mghz so I notice no blurr. Sound is actually quite good which surprised me.

One FYI is I like a bright crisp picture.Some do not.They like their pictures to be less color bright.

Great TV!


Can’t comment on the two specific TV’s, but this summer I bought a E3D320VX - a 32" 3D capable version for our bedroom. It has been serving us right ever since. In fact more than that. Now the kids occupy our bedroom all the time, because the NetFlix app on the TV works a lot better than that on the BluRay player (connected to a non internet enabled TV) downstairs, where they’re supposed to be watching their cartoons…

Other than that - I find the 2D performance of my TV very well acceptable. Like someone said - for lack of a much more expensive TV standing next to it, I don’t see anything bad about it.

It does have an amazing 3D feature that uses simple circular polarized glasses that you can steal from your local movie theater or buy 10 pairs for $20 on Amazon. The 3D auto-detection is poor, so most of the times when I start 3D movie I have to tell the TV to switch to 3D mode, but other than that it is great.

Also been working well streaming 3D movies from a computer connected through HDMI for as long as they were in 1080P either Side-by-side or Top-Bottom format (but no 3D if connected through VGA - the option is grayed out in menu).

All in all - if at this very moment I was in a market for a new TV for the living room, I would have very seriously considered the 47" option from this sale.

Let me repeat one more time (just in case): the review above is for the smaller 32" E3D320VX model - not for either of the models offered in this Woot… Also, do keep in mind that 42" version offered here is NOT 3D capable.


I’d rather take the advice of 542 customer reviews about this TV who give it 4.7/5 stars on average than one CNET editor.


Rule of thumb. The only time to buy a new TV is on Black Friday for the best price. The only exception to that is if your TV breaks altogether.


You can’t necessarily trust in store view unless at a dedicated electronics store, because often certain brands are pre-calibrated to look good for the store either by the manufacturer or the stores themselves. Also if a store favors a certain brand they will take the time to calibrate the setting in order to make the brand look better. Sometimes because its a brand the store owns or partners with or because they want to sell the more expensive brand. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying Samsung or LG isn’t better, because they are but Vizio’s are a solid brand when considering price and quality. Samsung and LG at their highest quality is tier one, where Vizio is tier two. Think of It this way a top of the line Samsung may be a 98 but a mid grade one is like a 89 where a Vizio may be a 85 but the difference in price between the 89 and 85 is $200-400. Then it’s up to you to decide that worth.


It’s actually been found that the best deals occur around the Superbowl and there is way less mayhem.


We’ve had the 42" for about 2 years (for about the same price as today’s).

It’s working great and has a nice picture.


Is the Square Trade warranty available for the 47 inch?