VIZIO 47" 1080p LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi

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Got me again! :slight_smile:

Pretty good review over at

Very good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at

I paid $50.00 more for this TV on Woot last August or September. Due to personal issues it didn’t get set up until last January. It too was refurbished and when it was set up, it had a six-inch tall purple bar rising from the bottom. Since it was past time for returns, I was stuck. I thought, “it really wasn’t that big of a deal” and after a time I hardly noticed it.
But it didn’t end there. In late-April I left the unit on over night. The next morning, to my surprise, the distracting purple bar was GONE and has not reappeared.
I’m VERY pleased with my E470i-A0. It doesn’t blur, even when LeBron James drives to the basket or Tim Duncan stops him. Looks good on football clips too.
The unit gets BIG thumbs up here!

Anyone use one of these as a monitor by any chance? How accurate are the colors? When I have to use remote desktop I’m using a 42" Westinghouse and even though I spent hours configuring the damn thing, the colors and contrast still pretty much suck for that purpose.

Costco sells the exact same TV brand spanking new for $540 (on sale right now) and it is hasn’t been tossed around by Dewey, Cheathem, and Howe. And it comes with a 2 year warranty. No Deal here Woot.

When will you give us a free warranty and not this rip off 90 days from purchase dates (NOT delivery date even)? Wise up Woot.

Nebbermind, it doesn’t even have a VGA input :confused:

I’ll agree partially on these things.

  1. I’m not about to buy a Costco membership to add to the cost of the deal. If someone already has Costco, it’s different. It’s like the people who keep saying, “It’s not a deal because it’s much better on Amazon Prime.” It’s true if you want the membership as well.
  2. I highly doubt they’ll change from the warranty they offer now. The last they offered was via SquareTrade for extension. I can’t see woot ever offering a refurb extended warranty like that for free since I don’t think that’s common for any store (I can be educated by others on this if I’m wrong), and off the top of my head, I can’t think of any store at all.
  3. My disclaimer: as I’ve said before, I’ve never bought nor plan on buying a TV online from anyone, not just woot, amazon, whatever. 90 days would get me worried, I agree, and the packaging stories I know, but even 2 years wouldn’t convince me. Even with the “best handling”, too many risks and hassles potentially. I’ve seen computers make it through shipping without problems on the other hand, but they’re easier to transport and protect.
  4. I don’t think that price will force woot’s hand to lower the price. A refurb in a similar price range or the new one closer than $110 apart might push them to lower the price.

I have the same issue except I have two purple bars; I barely notice them anymore but when playing PS3 on the TV I see them with some maps on call of duty… Mine was also refurbished so this is clearly a common issue.

I don’t suggest using it as a monitor to be honest. With a TV this large it is very easy to burn images into the screen. I noticed when playing Diablo 3 when it first came out that I can still see the health and mana bars burns into the screen sometimes.

Just an FYI; Amazon prime is free for anyone with an EDU email address. So simply find a friend who goes to college (everyone has one or is one) and you get 2 years free of amazon prime. I’ve never paid for amazon prime and have had access to it for years. Additionally as a college student you can give 3 people a free year for prime.

The TVs you buy in person at retail stores are also shipped - it’s not like they were manufactured on site. Wouldn’t the same risks still apply? Or is there a difference in the shipping method?

Just FYI, this is not true. I’m on the Student Prime membership now, and I’m not able to share my prime membership. Called up Amazon and they said only FULL Prime memberships (read: pay the 79$/yr) are allowed to share the privileges. Still… it’s an excellent deal.

The price of the Costco memebership as well as doubling the warranty, especially now that WOOT charges sales tax, make this a “no-brainer” purchase. Ez return, ez support & I heartily thank the peep who did the homework to apprise me of the price at Costco. On my way out the door…:-)!!

Don’t think that is the case anymore Amazon Student offer 6 months of Prime for free followed by half price Prime, but I don’t see any way of getting it free for years.

Whatever happened to VIZIOs that did PiP? (I know some Samsung and SONY have TVs with that feature, but for PC/VGA input as the secondary screen only.)

You just convinced me to buy this one. If I can save $100+ buying online with free shipping I’m in. The hassle of driving to the store, fitting it in my car and getting it back home make this well worthwhile. And I live within
4 miles of two Costcos and visit there weekly.

I buy 20+ refurbished computers/monitors/TVs per year for various businesses and in 4 years I am yet to be disappointed with what I’ve received. This TV will do nicely to replace the kids 32" that finally died after 7 years (bought as a refurb).

There are other ways to connect a computer to a TV (DVI, HDMI). I use a DVI>HDMI for my desktop to HP monitor