VIZIO 48" 1080p Full‑Array LED Smart TV

I bought the now-sold-out 50" model a few months ago for $20 more. I did a crapton of research on TVs when I bought it, and from what I can tell, VIZIO’s 1080p “E” series is very solid, especially for gaming. It measures a very low latency response time of about 20-30 ms. Personal experience confirms that E-series models that use Vertical Alignment panels, as opposed to IPS panels, do have a very narrow viewing angle. Colors wash out at about 15 degrees off of center, and it degrades steadily the more off-center you go.

Not all VIZIO E-series use Vertical Alignment, the ones that use IPS will naturally have a super-wide angle, as that’s one of the biggest draws of IPS.