VIZIO 48" 1080p Full‑Array LED Smart TV

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BF is so close. why buy a refurb when you can get new for less in a couple of weeks?

I bought this a few weeks ago and must say, I LOVE this tv! It is one of the best small investments I’ve ever made. I highly recommend it. The picture is beautiful, I’d read something about a low pixel count for such a large screen but I see no evidence of inferior quality. Owning 2 other HD flat screen tvs I’m even more impressed with the Vizio that the RCA or Samsung. The smart tv abilities are pretty exciting for a newbie to smart tv. The delivery was fairly quick from the west coast to the east coast. My only gripe is not with the tv but fedex that left it on the front porch of the 3 family house I live in with no notification. Luckily, all was well.