VIZIO 49" 1080p Full-Array LED Smart TV

So the ad on the Woot app says it’s the Vizio m-class 49" TV for $149…
I go to buy one and as it redirects me to woot’a page, it’s suddenly $399 and there’s a SOUNDBAR for $149.
Read your ad again. It’s misleading and borderline bait & switch.
I almost bought one (and Want to if it is, in fact, the TV for $149, as it says “in the box” at the bottom), but if I do and all it is IS a soundbar, someone’s getting sued.
Please clarify… preferably Before they’re gone.

I recently bought a different 48" Vizio TV (E-series) on Woot that arrived with a cracked screen. I reckon it was due to Woot shipping it in the original box in which it came (like, if you picked it up from any local store). I hope Woot has bettered their shipping methods, otherwise, you may be disappointed that you wasted several days with shipping and then having to return it. I was able to send it back (still in transit) for a full refund, but was asked at the process.

There is no official Woot app, so Woot isn’t responsible for how their sales show up in third party apps. For all the details on the Woot site, only the soundbar is available for $149. All of the information on official Woot websites is consistent.

the folks at Cnet really liked the Mseries when they reviewed it …
last year, this time…
Cnet says yeah…
Cnet said 4-stars

Really? I’ve used it for years.
Perhaps if you’ve been a user of theirs as long as I have, you’d Know this.
At any rate, yes, it IS their app. Look into it before shooting from the hip and being CLEARLY wrong.
If this page setup would let me post the screenshots that DEMONSTRATE what I’m saying, you’d see how Incorrect you are…

Looking into what that app is, it’s developed by “Cobra Tap” likely just using the Woot API. Not an official app.

This is what the official Woot app shows for the sale. You’ll notice that it’s correct. WootWatch isn’t an official Woot app. Trying to sue Woot for not honoring a price listed on a third-party app is like trying to sue Walmart because they won’t honor a coupon your neighbor created. It would be amusing to see you try it, though

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