VIZIO 4K Displays w/Tablet - Your Choice

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VIZIO 4K Displays w/Tablet - Your Choice
Price: $489.99 - 3049.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, May 26 to Monday, May 29) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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lmao, vizio for 3k and even worst part is that its refurb lol. So practically you’re paying 3k for a paper weight or 3500 if u want it to be a paper weight after a year lol

Just a heads up. For the M50-D1, the only HDMI port for HDR is HDMI 1. As for the remote, the tablet remote is pretty cool if you have strong wifi. The vizio cast Netflix app is 4k which is pretty cool. It works just a tiny bit worse than my chromecast, but the good part about this is the 4k. The picture on these TV’s is darker than any other TV I’ve seen. Clear picture though. Just too dark. If I hadn’t gotten the M50-D1 for $500 I would be happy with my purchase. If you’re looking for great bright pictures, I’d look elsewhere. Else, the TV is cool.

There are several setting regarding brightness. If you are finding it too dark go in and play with the settings. You can get it bright enough to hurt your eyes.

Your opinion (lacking fact and substance) is pretty weak. The M series won a best of CNet award last year, specifically this 4K model and series. It was reviewed against the heavy weights in the industry. The cnet revive can still be scene on line and contradicts your opinion. I happen to own an M50 and have nothing but pure enjoyment from it thee moment it came out of the box. My suggestion is you won’t be disapointeed. This series is NOT the E series. Good luck

I bought the 50" the last time it was on Woot a month or 2 ago. Very happy with the purchase. Great tv. Only 1 issue that I’ve run into is with the built in Chromecast. It constantly loses connection even using a wired Ethernet. I have to go thru set-up every time I want to use it. Annoying.

Also invest in a sound bar. Works great with my TiVo Bolt and 4k Netflix. Now we all just need more 4K content!

Just out of curiosity, if it has no built in tuner, why does the remote have a Ch+ and Ch- rocker?

Built in tuner or external tuner is for a coax to go from an antenna to your TV directly. It is to get free “over the air” channels, local, and requires an antenna outside your house.

Most of the time coax goes to a wallplate and comes from either cable or satellite company, that is NOT the same, that’s a national network that you’re plugging into.

Both setups (over the air, and/or coax/satellite) would use the channel buttons on the remote. Most people would have no trouble with this because they have local channels included with their cable or satellite company; this is only going to affect people that don’t have cable or satellite and solely get over the air local channels only. For them, they’d need to get a $20 “digital tuner” box from Wal Mart etc.

I want to think of it as an inside joke that only Vizio understands.

I have a tuner hooked up to mine and it doesn’t control the channel up/down functions. Didn’t think it would either because the tuner itself would likely need to support HDMI-CEC in order to pass the signal through, which mine doesn’t.

I have this same complaint. Unfortunately in my case the only way to alleviate some of the darkness issues would be to disable one of the selling points of the TV to begin with; the Active LED zones. Most people would probably not notice so for the average consumer I’d just assume disable it anyway to help with the brightness.

When it’s enabled it’s almost blinding, especially if you’re watching a scene from ST:TNG and you have sunlight reflecting off of the top/side of Patrick Stewart’s head. Makes it hard to watch sometimes. But therein lies the problem. It’s great for areas of the pictures that are supposed to be bright but if it’s a mostly dark scene, good luck making out any details.

I’ve had a 4k M-Series from Woot for 1.5 years now. No problems so far. My oldest Vizio is a 47" 10+ years old TV already and still going strong.

The picture on any Vizio I’ve owned/adjusted (4 to date) can be calibrated to ideal specs just fine. If you are basing “darkness” on the full-brightness full-contrast color-saturated retina-burning cartoony-fake-looking store display mode then, well, you’re doing it wrong.

Yeah, Torch-Mode!

If you can help it try not to place this TV in a bright room (lit or painted, or both). It will not perform to your liking for dark scenes. Your pupils can only handle so much excitement when it comes to adjusting between what’s going on around you in a brightly-lit room when you’re trying to focus on that dark fight scene watching Daredevil on Netflix.

I picked up the M80-D3 (80") at Sam’s Club (floor model on Clearance from Christmas) for $2600, another $100 bought me a square trade warranty that extended out to 5 years because I had the premium membership. I’m really quite impressed with the picture. I know a lot of people look down on Vizio, but that picture holds its own. I have a PC hooked onto it with a cable tuner (cetoninfiniTV), the videocard I use is a PNY GeForce GTX 1050 VCGGTX10502PB which will output 4K at 60Hz, and works quite well. The casting works fine, but I prefer my set-up with the PC better because I also run Kodi off of the PC. This thing is plenty bright, where I have to keep it on the “low light” setting most of the time. The HDR works really well, contrast difference is very noticeable vs standard 1080P other TV’s I have. The funny thing is that this 80" LCD replaced a 60" plasma TV and the 80" LCD was still lighter, so it still worked on my stand! This price would be OK if it included a warranty. I would highly advise getting a warranty with Vizio, I had 2 cheaper 40" sets bite it. One set died within 3 months, the other right as the warranty expired at 2 years (Costco purchase). I was a little leary with Vizio, but I have 2 other sets that work just fine from Vizio- and the deal I got on this 80" was unbeatable that included a 5 year extended warranty. Another thing I have to say is that the casting thing is a good idea- because the Android apps get updated all of the time, whereas “smart TVs” generally don’t get nearly as many updates. This set updated a lot (firmware/software) when I first set it up, which to me is a great sign, because it tells me that the manufacturer is addressing issues and/or making improvements. This TV also does a great job at upscaling 1080P content to 4K. I love the TV, but this price should be a bit lower especially considering you’ll definitely want to consider buying an extended warranty for this.

Anyone had any experience with replacing OTA with something like SlingTV or DirecTvNow to get “locals”? The idea of a tunerless panel does appeal but I’m adamant to cord cut cable and live life through my FireTV.

The 80" model is superb. Picture quality rivals everything out there, much better than my former Sony XBR 4K.

The remote is goofy and silly in my opinion. I’d rather have the traditional setup instead of the casting Vizio chose.

Still a great TV that I really like.

I love this telly. I’m totally happy with the purchase. Yes!