VIZIO 4K HDR Display w/Tablet

I have this TV and love it, and I have GREAT NEWS for anyone concerned about the tablet remote!

Vizio must have rethought their strategy because when I turned on my TV just today, it said it can now stream directly from the TV. I was also given a code to receive their XRT136 remote control for FREE to better navigate the onscreen apps, now that I’m not required to use the included tablet. Check out this link for more information

What this means for us is you get a regular TV with apps built in, and a pretty kicka** tablet remote with wireless charging stand. Before you had to use the tablet only–now you can choose.

So woot do I finally get my quality post or what man?

So if your cable goes out you can not use the tv to watch local broadcast stations. That would be great in a storm.

Most new TVs no longer have a tuner and if they do, you pay a lot extra for. Watch a movie instead.

I just received my new remote, took about 1 week

I turned on my M70-D3 (also highly recommended) and got the updated streaming abilities directly on the TV as opposed to from the tablet remote, and a code to order an updated simple remote.

Although I liked the old way of streaming well enough, I doubt it was catching on with most people. This update will likely make people much less put off by the streaming setup…

Is anyone concerned about these units being refurbished? I’ve done a lot of research and this seems like a great deal, but I’m concerned that if there are any issues beyond the 90 day warranty, I’m screwed.

Does anyone have experience with woot refurbished tech or woot’s customer service for any issues?

If the 90 day warranty is through Vizio repair you should be fine. I have the 2015 M65 which was the year they added much of the P series specs to them. Mine had loose HDMI panel a month after I received it. I called Vizio and the repair guy was at my home two days later and he replaced the bad board (had a cold solder)That was January 2016.

I paid $200 more for mine, the lesser M series, during Black Friday 2015 from Amazon. Mine does however have a built in tuner, and I believe the new M65s do too.

I would go for it in a minute if I had someone lined up to buy mine. I do have an external antenna and amp system with the wiring put in when the house was built. So I would need a tuner too.

These are high end monitors to be technical.

Remember that new items are inspected once, refurbished in many cases two or three times. If they last a month of daily use odds are it will be fine.