VIZIO 5.1 Theater Sound System w/Dolby Atmos

VIZIO 5.1 Theater Sound System w/Dolby Atmos

You may want to avoid this one. The Atmos effects are great and it sounds great as well. Unfortunately these seem to be plagued with connection issues to the wireless speakers and trouble connecting to HDMI inputs. I bought one of these units new and it died within 2 weeks, that was replaced with another new unit that also died and was warrantied within the first few months. Even with the newest firmware updates the rear wireless speakers occasionally cut out and every single time I turn the unit on I have to switch from the input I want to another and then back to the proper input, sometimes a couple of times before any sound is produced. This issue was present on all 3 units I have had.

I wondered, since I’ve had a Bose system which has been fantastic and didn’t think this could even compare! Thx

As an alternative anecdote, I’ve had this unit for a year or two and while it had a few buggy moments at first (occasional disconnects and loud bursts of static requiring a power cycle) it has settled down and performed perfectly ever since.

I don’t have any hard evidence for it, but I think the touchy part of the system is the wireless frequency spread the sub uses to communicate with the base unit being subject to interference from other household devices. I say this because the unit’s performance becoming reliable coincided with me switching ISPs and getting a new broadband router. Could be coincidence, but I doubt it.

Anyway, it’s a terrific little unit for an apartment if you can get a working one.

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