VIZIO 50" 1080p Full‑Array LED Smart TV



Dang. I have been looking at this TV at Costco recently. Woot is $100 less than Costco on this one.


Is a remote included?


If you look under specs, you will see the remote included


I do not understand Vizio’s decision behind the design for the stand. The configuration places two support feet at both ends of the tv - which makes for an absolute horrible experience if you sit this on a tv stand. The length of your tv stand would be crucial to accommodate the wide stance of the tv’s feet. This is not the case with the more common center-focused pedestal. Can you imagine trying to turn the tv to reach the back side when trying to make component connections? I suspect this may be why we’ve been seeing a lot of these refurb’d - people buy then take these home only to find out they have no place to set them on.


On the other hand, a lot of people I know won’t use a stand that isn’t at least as wide the the stand. A narrower stand, depending on how it is placed puts the TV more at risk of being knocked off by someone or something bumping into a part of the TV that is overhanging the stand.


Duh… Thanks!


Can anyone advise the width of the stand?


About 10.04" based on the specs.

With Stand: 44.24"(W) x 28.27"(H) x 10.04"(D)
Without Stand: 44.24"(W) x 25.91"(H) x 2.52"(D)


I would venture to say that there is infinitely more risk of the tv toppling over with this configuration than with a center-based pedestal. You have vastly less surface area to maneuver the tv without risk of either side of the tv slipping over the edge of your stand and tumbling over. Sorry Woot! Just trying to keep it real. I sincerely believe this is a design flaw.


The stand doesn’t bother me. Then again, I wall mounted mine :wink:

I bought this TV new from Best Buy back in July when a lightning storm finally killed my 47" LG. I love it; it’s super crisp and bright, and the clear motion doesn’t make things look soap-opera-ey. Also uses a lot less energy than my old traditional LCD. Small bezel is a plus, too.