VIZIO 50" 1080p Full‑Array LED Smart TV

CNET reviews the Vizio E-Series TV’s as a best buy. Been hunting for a TV during Black Friday sales and this beats them ALLLLL! Get one now people!

i just purchased this 50" TV from amazon on tuesday (for $100 more) to replace my 32" vizio, and i’m loving it! i recommend checking out the amazon reviews to get your picture settings configured for optimal viewing.

the only element of this package that wouldn’t rate five stars from me is the remote; i don’t love the tiny buttons, the layout is a bit odd, and having an app launcher for iheartradio rather than something that is more commonly used seems strange. also, i know nobody wants a heavy remote, but this one is very, very light and seems like it may not last too long. (luckily, i use my cable remote for most functions.)

overall, i’m a proud long-time vizio owner, and this unit has become a part of the family already. <;]

This one seems to be the best value measured in square inches per dollar:

28 2.39
32 2.19
40 2.44
43 2.63
48 2.59
50 2.67
60 2.20
70 2.09