VIZIO 50" 4K Full‑Array LED Smart TV

Tv came cracked, also no hulu, youtube, or pandora apps on this tv as pictured

I’m very sorry. Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

Aside from the cracked screen, if you’re having trouble with the apps, go into ‘VIA Plus’ to see the widgets.

Page 53 of the manual can help you

Is this the 2016 model?

Seems like a pretty decent 4K TV, and great for this (refurbished) price - but the lack of 10-bit color/HDR kills this one for me. I say this because the TV I’m seeking to upgrade from is a Panasonic Plasma, with amazing color depth and blackness values. I really suspect I’m going to have to spend 4X the cost of this to get a new TV that looks as good.

Came cracked in top right corner and the entire screen is subsequently busted. I am remarkably bummed. I have already initiated the refund, but I still feel like I’ve been swindled. I am never buying anything off of Woot again.

I’m sorry to hear about your broken TV. That’s a real bummer. Let me know if you need any help with the refund process.

Joining the crowd… mine came with a bent top bezel! and some nice red bars showed up on the screen too… and the previous users settings were still saved; doesn’t seem very refurbished to me- they could have at least done a factory reset before they sent a broken TV.

Since January it has worked fine for me. Has a decent picture. The one complaint I have is that it came with a small scratch on the screen. Even though the scratch is not visible unless you are close enough to clean it, and the screen is off, I am disappointed that Woot thought that was ok. It is NOT alright to have any scratches on the screen, no matter how minuscule you think they are. If there are any scratches, then the screen needs to be replaced too.