VIZIO 50" 4K UHD Full-Array LED Smart TV

Is this the 2015, or 2016 M series?

Woot is selling the 2015. M50-C1 -

Here’s the 2016. M50-D1 -

The 2015 has the XRT500 remote (QWERTY keyboard on back) and a six core processor. The 2016 comes with a tablet remote and an eight core processor. The 2015 has 5 HDMI ports, the 2016 has 4 that are all rated with a better pixel clock rate.

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According to Vizios web site the new 2016 M, P and even E 4ks do not come with a tuner. It relies on your cable box, DVR tuner or a separate tuner adapter. Big (risky?) step for Vizio.

@paperthinwalls is right; this is the 2015 model.