VIZIO 50” 4K Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV

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VIZIO 50" 4K Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV
Price: $549.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Who actually does the refurbishing on all the refurbed televisions you sell here on Woot?

I fear Amy.

weird question or thought…I watch/stream an incredible amount of television from hulu to netflix to comcast on demand (online). Nearly every month I come close to my alotted amount of data (300G). Question: wouldn’t one of these tvs with the capability, in effect, to almost double the resolution increase my data consumption and put me OVER my data limit? Or does resolution have nothing to do with the amount of data which is streaming? This thought/question concerns me…


I don’t think you would have any problems. You set your stream speed on Netflix I know and max they go is super 1080 so unless you have your settings to below that now it wouldn’t change anything. As far as I know, none of those streaming services support 4k yet.

I saw your question. Here is the answer. The type of tv you have does not effect your bandwidth or download speed much, if at all… its just the machine at the end of the line that interprets the incoming data that your house is receiving… if that makes sense?

Ie. If you are running pipes for tap water. You can have a copper faucet at the end. Or a fancy golden one. It doesn’t change how much water you are getting, just how shiny it is.

So I’m a bit wary of the refurbishing–what happens if it starts giving me trouble on the 91st day I have it? The price is low for 4K, how do I know it’s not junk?

If it’s any consolation, my very first HDTV was a 26" Sharp AQUOS refurbished 768p TV. I bought it over 10 years ago. I still use it.

$748 new at Wally. Have seen this exact TV for $698, maybe $598 new. You can see it at Wally.

I actually own one of these, I bought at Costco and have been very pleased and amazed at the clarity, especially when movies are streamed, and blue ray, just stunning. My version has a 240/960 refresh rate

This TV came out last October for the holiday season and as far As what I know, there was some glitches in the software, causing screen freeze and throwing off color balance etc. each set was required to download a new rev.

That could be the refurbish portion they are describing. When I bought mine as soon as I plugged it in and connected to the Internet, it upgraded itself yet again (2 revs higher than the original release) and has worked flawlessly. At $550 you won’t be disappointed. IMO much better than 50inch Samsung, a glorified light bulb that washes out color, too bright. This Vizio has 6 processors in it, perfect for handling streaming. Buy it.

I’ve been using this as a 4K computer monitor for about 5 months. It has a HDMI 2.0 input so it operates at 60Hz. Best upgrade I had made in a while since I was able to mount this on the wall in front of my desk and get rid of two 27" lower res monitors and the dual monitor mount. I have so much more room on my desk now.

Are. You sure this is the same TV? In the specs of the TV it says under certifications that it is HDMI 1.4b I just want to be sure that if I buy this that it will have 2.0 compatibility.

Edit:Just read in the description that it has support for Next gen HDMI. So that means that it has 2.0 compatibility, correct?

Take a look at the photos of the ports and zoom in… you will see that most of the ports appear to only support 4k @ 30Hz, but there is one single port which does actually support 4k @ 60Hz … so it can do it but the majority of the ports are not 2.0.

This isn’t the same model as sold at Costco. This is the P502ui-B1E model. I also bought the non E model at Costco and it is great. The E model listed here has the 120 rate vs our 240 from Costco. The E model means exclusive for Walmart and other stores. If you want a great TV look for the same model number I listed without the E.

You are correct to worry. Even worse, since there are (approximately) twice as many pixels in both horizontal and vertical, there are four times as many overall pixels. If your media stream uses an AVC codec, you will use four times the data. A new efficient HEVC codec will probably double your data. You can limit streams to 1080 or 720 if you want to conserve your allotment.

I think there are a very limited number of things which are available to stream in 4k. House of Cards on Netflix is one of them IIRC. actually seeing the difference in 4k vs 1080 is debatable for most people, but this is future proof-ish, at least in the near term.

I have the non-E version of this set and couldn’t be happier. I was planning on replacing an aging Samsung DLP in the not too distant future and these came up on sale at Costco. Fido started barking the numbers and that was that.