VIZIO 50” 4K Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV

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VIZIO 50" 4K Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV
Price: $699.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 6-7 business days (Thursday, Jan 22 to Tuesday, Jan 27) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Time to check out the product page

Refurbished 4k???

Need a guide on Buying TV’s

These literally JUST came out this last holiday season.

If you’re lucky enough to have a video card with HDMI 2.0, then this has ONE 2.0 input on the side (see the pics, 4k @ 60hz) that can run your games/video/porn/clearly microsoft office only at a full 60 frames per second.

It’s hard to believe that it JUST came out, and there are already refurbs.

I have this TV (Walmart black Friday). It let’s you stream 4k netflix. Did breaking bad in a week :). Good picture. A little more power hungry than the 1080p 47" vizio I moved to the bedroom.

Cons: no 4k digital feeds from broadcasters yet.

I’m surprised that it’s only $50 more without being refurb from the manufacturer.

New at Sam’s for $698…

Thats the 1080p tv this is 4k…

50" VIZIO LED Ultra HD 120Hz Smart TV w/ Wifi
Model: P502UI-B1E

It appears to be the same, going from the description on the page and model number.

$100 off of the regular Amazon non-refurb price and with a 90 day warranty?


Really? How’s that?

Model number is the same.

Confirmed at Sam’s, $698.00 and FREE shipping for a new TV, SAME MODEL.
Or, if you don’t want to wait for shipping, in-store pick up at the same price.

I’d say this is a complete Woot fail!


Aw man, I’m looking for a 60 inch. If this was a 60" I’d be in for one, even if $100-150 more…

You realize a 60" screen is about 45% bigger than a 50", right? The price difference would be waaay more than $150.

Why are you all surprised this is a refurb? That’s all Woot! ever sells on here it seems.

I’m confused,Sam’s has it for $700 new and Woot is selling it for $650 REFURB’D so why would anyone risk buying from Woot to save just $50? I have to be missing something.

If you start reading reviews on this, just keep a close eye to make sure you’re checking out reviews for the “e” model - it’s easy to actually read reviews for the version of this that doesn’t end with the letter e.

Vizio made this version almost specifically for Walmart and Sams club (and presumably other low cost places) that is missing a few features of the one that ends with just B1. Makes it cheaper, but the only difference in the model number is the “e” at the end.

That said, overall people are fairly happy with the “p” series of tvs from Vizio. There’s a loooong thread over at AVS forum about them, and it sounds like the firmware update that started rolling out last week has fixed many of the issues some people were experiencing.

(I know so much about them because I ordered the non-e version of this tv last week from Amazon - it should be delivered tomorrow)

This is a great deal.