VIZIO 50” 4K Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV

Yeah, I thought the same thing. Doesn’t say much for Vizio already has 4k TV’s coming back. I have a smaller vizio smart tv the daughter uses in her dorm room. It was new though and she loves it. However, I don’t think I would consider a 1gen(?) 4k tv that’s already been returned for failure or repairs. IMHO…

I purchased the 60" model from Amazon a few months ago. Overall I am very happy with the TV. Being 50", it might be difficult to see the benefits of a 4K display, but if you’re in the market for a new TV, you could do worse. Check out my full review here

Anybody know if this TV will pass the Dolby digital signal from the HDMI ports through to the SPDIF? My current TV doesn’t seem to do this and it annoys me now that I have a sound bar that can handle it.

Sorry woot, I can walk in to my local Sam’s Club and buy this TV new with a 1 year factory warranty for $50 more than you are selling it. Even adding in taxes buying it new from them is cheaper than refurb from woot plus a 1 year Square Trade warranty.

Do these smart TVs with wi-fi connect to computer networks so you can stream content a la PS3?


Have a gander at our HDTV Buying Guide. It’s a rough draft at this point. Looking for suggestions.

Also, here’s the manual that might answer some of the questions y’all have:

User Manual

Just curious, how did you come to 45% larger:


That should be 20% larger

$700 x 1.20 = $840
$840 - $700= $140

By your reasoning, a price increase of about $100-$150 seems pretty reasonable…

(math checks out when you use the whole area using the tv dimensions, w x h)

Seeing as how the equivalent on amazon is $800, this seems like a pretty good deal (haven’t looked at Sam’s).

During Black Friday Week (I can’t believe that’s a thing – for another post, maybe) I got a 60" M-Series Vizio for $650 which I considered a VERY good deal. The price point goes up sharply with the >50" class.

Given the lack of content, and the unlikely ability to even see the resolution difference in the limited content that’s available currently, I would suggest spending the same money on a larger set. 4K is neat and all, but I question it’s value at anything smaller than 70".

WOW! I can’t wait for the larger VIZIO Ultras to show up on Woot!

You are looking at just the stated size (diagonal width). What you need to look at is surface area of the viewing surface.
50"=797.64 sq. in.
60"=1148.86 sq. in.

The 50" TV is about 1,141 square inches
The 60" TV is about 1,790 square inches

1790/1141 = 1.56

So, although my numbers include the bezel, they are close enough to validate the statement that the 60" TV is about 45% larger than the 50" TV.

He’s talking square inches. If you’re going to approximate it by ratios, it’s 1.2 * 1.2 = 1.44 ~= 44% more square inches.

A similar calculation for a 50 vs 65 inch tv:
50 inch tv ~= 1068.2
65 inch tv ~= 1808.73

that’s 69.3% more square inches for the 65 inch.

65 = 1.3 x 50
1.3 * 1.3 = 1.69

I love discussions like this. Really, I do.

We bought one of these from Walmart shortly before Christmas. Great TV. With the 4K plan from Netflix it’s stunningly beautiful. The remote has a QWERTY on the backside so it’s also the most useful remote I’ve ever laid hands on.

I can recommend this thing without any hesitation. Great set.

Ok I see where that was coming… I thought I checked the in^2 but I was foolish and it was Monday morning.

Thanks for putting this nerd in her place.

I’m sorry,

whats the value of 4K?

Does anyone actually broadcast at that level?

Seems to me these sets are a scam.

Do the scale? Is is good?

yall went math serious on us lol