VIZIO 50” Full-Array LED Smart TV

I agree! That and not sold by many sellers…

I agree, I hate AT&T but I might be stuck with them. I have Charter available but I live in one of their smallest markets so I am usually a couple years behind on Infrastructure. (30MB down…)

Meanwhile AT&T has been laying fiber everywhere and since I already have Direct TV I would drop Charter and Vonage.

Not my first choice but it will mean a huge savings.

I just hate dealing with AT&T…

Pay the extra 50 and get new with better warranty not a good deal for only 12% disc used/refurb

It’s a 2014 TV and Vizio has a high warehouse turnaround. So there’s no reason there would be a lot of people with these sitting around.

Also we are right in the flux period between the 2016 Vizio lines about to really drop and the 2015 stock starting to really deplete (hence why they’re scarce on Amazon right now).

And Vizios are fine. We have a ton at work (even refurbed models from Woot) and they all are still chugging. If you’re looking for “cheap but good” you really aren’t going to get a better deal than a Vizio.