VIZIO 50" 1080p 120Hz LED Smart TV w/ Wi-Fi

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Lots of handy info direct from Vizio

**Item: **VIZIO 50" 1080p 120Hz LED Smart TV w/ Wi-Fi
Price: $469.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Say, that player bares a striking resemblance to Buffalo’s own #13, Stevie Johnson.

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I have the 42" version with all of the same specs. I LOVE THIS SET! I wish I had room and cash to buy this but I do not. I wouldn’t hesitate on pulling the trigger on this deal.

Bravo WOOT!

I’m seeing this tv on different websites being labeled as a:
LED-backlit LCD TV.

So which is it?

TV is pretty thick considering its labeled as a led. Looks more like a plasma or LCD in thickness than a led.

Edit: Per the CNET review, it is LCD with LED backlight.

Edit 2: lichme already posted the links. Sorry. Didn’t mean to duplicate.

See the specs on the vendor site. It clearly states:
Backlight Type: LED.

And the CNET review also states it’s an LCD (first paragraph: “the good”).

EDIT: Yep. You caught it. :slight_smile:

EDIT 2: Apparently all Vizio “LED” TVs are LCD with LED backlight (based on the tech specs on their site).

deleted my previous post because it was rendered useless and foolish!

okay. so, we do call out the LED backlight in our “features” section.

i’ve forwarded the feedback regarding the “LED” in our sale title. sorry for the confusion, friends.

Be forewarned - this is a another 60hz set masquerading as a 120hz set.

From CNET:
Despite the TV’s supposed 120Hz refresh rate, the E0i-A1 series behaves just like a 60Hz TV.

Also in the description it’s says “This LED HDTV is more energy efficient than conventional LCD HDTVs to save you even more money”
Rather misleading since it’s an LCD.

Also in the specs it is listed as an LED.

So what does that mean in laymen terms… I’m not up on the difference. Thanks

I bought this TV new on Black Friday from Walmart as a bundle with a very nice wall mount for $899.00 with free shipping. I can not say enough nice things about this TV. Picture is AMAZING, sound is OK. It was my sixth Vizio purchase and all the 5 others are still working fine, many years later. I would buy this in a NY minute if I needed one, which I don’t, obviously!!!

All LED TV’s are LCD’s lit with LED’s rather than CCFL’s. This can be done in a couple of different ways:

I had a different Vizio, a 55" 3d. 30 months old, and it died last night. Fortunately it still has an American Express warranty. Suffice it to say, there won’t be another vizio in my future. For the money that tv cost, that isn’t much of a lifetime. Lots of folks have had good luck with Vizio, lots have had bad.