VIZIO 50" 1080p LCD or LED Smart TV w/Wi-Fi

**Item: **VIZIO 50" 1080p LCD or LED Smart TV w/Wi-Fi
Price: $439.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Product Page for the E502AR LCD and some Amazon Reviews

Tons of Reviews for the LED

wow… amazing … ANOTHER tv. Maybe make a

Interesting that the LED weights 50% more than the LCD TV (59 pounds verses 39 pounds). Most of it seems to be in a heavier stand.

And it uses MORE energy, very strange for a LED TV.

EDIT: I see they fixed the weight, but it STILL weighs more than the LCD, most unusual.

Do we know the serial numbers of these TVs? Apparently serial numbers LFTRNWAN3800001 to LFTRNWAN4805300 have Vizio-acknowledged defective chips in them.

[MOD: It’s not for these models. Here’s the official bulletin.]

VIZIO is a solid American company. Excellent quality

CNET review for the E500i-A1.

Interesting how they can say it’s an LED TV when it’s an LCD TV with LED backlight - according to the review and Vizio’s own specs.)

I obviously isn’t an OLED display… All LED tvs are LED backlit LCD displays >_<

With Stand: 39.24 lbs 59.49 lbs
Without Stand: 36.16 lbs 42.95 lbs

Anyone know why there is such a weight difference in the stand, or is that a typo?

Bought this EXACT TV from Walmart on Black Friday bundled with a really nice wall mount for $899.00. This is an AMAZING TV with an AMAZING picture. Sound is OK. This is an EXCELLENT buy which I would jump on in a New York Minute, except I already own 6 Vizios and really don’t need another.

I wish one day they would ship to APO. I would buy 3 of these TV’s. Right. Now.

LCD panels with LED back-lighting

ALL “LCD” TV’s are
LCD panels with CCFL back lighting

and, so far, all OLED TV’s are way to nice for Woot, so far…

here… read this …

Hmmm… so the LCD weighs less and and uses less electricity than the LED? Somethin’ don’t seem right here.

I bought the i500-A1 a month ago when it was last for sale here refurb for the same price. I am very happy with the purchase. It replaced a 37 inch Vizio Razer TV that I sold used for $275 so a really reasonable upgrade for me. Biggest drawback for me is that the sound on this TV is really crappy. I would definitely recommend a sound bar for this TV.

Are you or have you ever been employed by Vizio or do you receive any form of compensation from Vizio for making such statements ?

That’s just what an LED TV is.

I noticed that- it also uses slightly more power, and a couple other specs that are not as good as the LCD. I thought LEDs were lighter and used less power?!

well what with the serial numbers woot?