Vizio 54" 5.1 Sound Bar System

DO NOT BUY THIS SOUND BAR!! Subwoofer is awful, didn’t work as it arrived. Only got $30 off or I could’ve returned whole item and they claimed to not have anymore in stock

I’m struggling to fully understand what you are trying to say to be honest but if I understand you correctly then…

If the Subwoofer didn’t work when it arrived how could say that it is awful? You never got to use it did you? Things break, reburb processes can miss things and that is annoying. However this doesn’t mean that the product itself is awful now does it?

This is the older model (circa 2014 IIRC) and has a very hard to read remote. It is also the one I have in my bedroom and it really is pretty great with the exception of the remote. If you need it big with wide front L/R separation and also a true 5.1 with actual rear speakers there is very few choices. With the exception of the remote this works surprisingly well and fills my huge room well and fits the 70" TV perfectly. If you don’t need a full 54" soundbar then one of the rectangle newer (circa 2015?) 38" or 40" has the newer remote and works much better.

None of these have the 2016 smartcast feature though and I would love to see a large 54" model with an improved remote and smartcast feature come out in 2017. Fingers crossed.

I apologize, woke up to see the system for sale that I was told was sold out and was upset. Let me be more clear. The subwoofer worked but was damaged by shipping due to very poor packaging. Opened the package noticing dent in corner of subwoofer and after connecting the system it was blown. Contacted support and was offered 30 to deal with it… I accepted instead of waiting 3 weeks with no system and no money for a refund and having to pay return shipping. I wouldn’t buy the system ever again just due to poor shipping packaging. I did purchase the subwoofer elsewhere since and it’s not worth it. The subwoofer alone cost me $70 to buy although I was only reimbursed 30 for it being broken upon arrival.

I have I believe this exact same model only I think the sound bar is not as long. Somewhere in the 40 to 50 inch range. Purchased it from woot probably around 15 months ago. It is GREAT, I have not had any problems with it. For the price I really dont think you will get better sound.

So, I bought this as an upgrade since I loved my 42" system… Thought I would share this tip. I was frustrated with the “muddy” vocals at first with this new one, but then, turned the bass down almost all the way, and it basically brought the low-mids out and cleaned up the sound. I think they relied on the woofers a little too heavily and skimped on tweeters… Anyway, with that change the sound is good. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but it does NOT seem to reduce the subwoofer bass. This also may be because my living room is smaller and these speakers do sound better when you crank them, which I don’t need to do often. :slight_smile: The sub really wails, big improvement over the 6" sub with the 42" system.

Guessing you might have the 42", which looks similar… This is definitely 54" wide! :slight_smile: