Vizio 54" 5.1 Sound Bar System

Are these speakers Bluetooth enabled or does it require cords for all of them?

Per the specs, this one has Bluetooth:

Bluetooth: Yes, with aptX

It’s a mix of bluetooth and cables. Bluetooth is used for streaming music from your phone, etc and also for connecting the subwoofer to the sound bar. But, the rear satellite speakers connect to the subwoofer with cables. So in essence, you have no cables running from front to back sound, but do have some cable management required in the rear set up. I know since I own this set and bought for that exact reason.

Wow, I literally just got this exact system set up two days ago, paid $499 for it on Amazon though so at this price this is a steal. Overall it was very easy to set up, only issue I had was wall mounting it, one of the screws that drops down into mounting brackets just snapped off flush in the back of the sound bar. Replacement is on the way so other than waiting to be able to mount it on the wall I am very happy with this thing. I thought my last sound bar sounded great but this is a whole different level of crisp, clear and loud sound blasting out of this system, love it!

Looking to better understand wiring this thing…

Right now, I have a 7.1 receiver that i’m only using as 3.1. It’s hidden away in a closet and I’m running copper to the center/left/right speakers and RCA to the sub. Audio is input to receiver via toslink from Tivo and Roku. HDMI from Tivo and Roku goes to HDMI switcher and out to TV. My receiver is older and does not have HDMI in/out. (I have a newer receiver that I’ve recently picked up that supports HDMI, but haven’t taken the time to swap receivers yet.)

So, do I need the HDMI receiver to be able to use this soundbar system? Or can I/should I run toslink through the walls? I’m assuming volume is handled by the soundbar remote…so does the receiver just become a pass-through?

Lots of questions, so thanks for the feedback. My current setup is pretty Meh, so I’m very interested in getting something better up and running.

Oh, and is the remote IR or RF?

Yeah, there’s quite a bit of considerations you’ll have to make before deciding on what works best for you. My story is that I moved from a 5.1 HDMI-based receiver/sat to this since I didn’t want to pay for the cost of wiring my new home for the rears. In short, this will not beat the sound coming from a full receiver set up as the power and bluetooth sub to satellite just can’t compete.

With that said, the soundbar acts as a receiver (I sold my Pioneer Elite entirely when I made the switch) with an ARC HDMI which outputs to the ARC HDMI input of modern TV’s. This allows your TV to automatically switch to the soundbar for audio processing and output regardless of what you have connected to the TV (your TIVO audio, for example). The soundbar also has other HDMI, Optical (Toslink), and RCA input/outputs for expanded capability. Finally, the remote is IR, so the closet set up you have now wouldn’t work without an IR blaster… but then again, why would you put this soundbar in there to begin with :slight_smile:

mynos: Thanks for being on-hand to help out other wooters! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

BTW, I use Global Cache/iRule for controlling everything in the closet and the TV, itself, so glad to hear I can use another output from the blaster I use for the TV to control the sound bar. If it were RF, I’d be stuck using that remote, in addition to the tablet that I’ve programmed via iRule.