VIZIO 55" 4K Display w/Tablet

I believe these companies are making a mistake by removing tuners from TVs (well, these TV-like devices).

More people are pulling the plug on cable, depending on streaming for their viewing pleasure. However, once that cable is unplugged using antennas to catch local stations over-the-air is the cheapest and most convenient option for getting local news, sports, etc. A sibling cannot consider these devices because he uses an antenna, and I’ll be switching to streaming very soon and will be in the same boat.

Something to consider if you are cord-cutting is TiVo OTA:

My TVs have tuners, but I rarely use them because I just use the TiVo and its DVR to watch the local channels.

If you like this TV but require a OTA tuner there should be a few different models available new or used you can try to find.
I still have a old LG 4200 OTA/cable tuner I bought back when many early HDTV didn’t have a cable tuner built in. It worked great and did everything as far as OTA digital HD or HD cable as long as it wasn’t encrypted. There should be other cheap to expensive tuners out there stand alone that would plug into that thing. Comcast went fully encrypted a few years ago so can’t use it now and have a HD HomeRun Prime with 3 cable card tuners that works great but needs a network and PC to work and is mainly a self owned legal DVR that can be used to watch TV on your PC or the TV it feeds with the proper OS and software.