VIZIO 55” 4K Home Theater Display

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VIZIO 55" 4K Home Theater Display
Price: $399.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, May 12 to Monday, May 15) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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After my experience with Vizio TV’s I would recommend against purchasing that brand.
Although they do have great US based customer service.
The TV I ordered through needed to be replaced 3 times within 2 months. Needless to say I had enough at that point and they were nice enough to issue a refund. I hope their HIGH END products have better components but the cheaper TV’s are just that. Cheap… You get what you pay for.
Just My Two cents

So do you still have it and does if work still? thanks

My M series that I purchased a couple of years ago has worked flawlessly. The M series looks like it has the same features, with the exception of the TV tuner built in. At $399 this is enticing to try.

Just FYI this TV is not an HDR TV. The only reason the label it as an HDR TV is because it can accept an HDR signal. But it lacks the color gamut as well as the peak brightness to ever be considered hdr.

This is also just a TV with a built in chromecast so only get this if you plan on using an external streaming box such as the fire TV or shield.

This model doesn’t get great reviews, even from Vizio fans. Plus, it’s just $48 more for a new one at Walmart.

DO NOT BUY!! Have bought same model and returned as it does an update and crashes OR creates thin red lines all over any black colored part of the image. Ended up buying a SAMSUNG 55 inch 6 series and am completely happy.

*Also, the image is not bright at all and the viewing angles are really bad. Basically you have to sit directly in front to get full viewing capabilities.

Avoid Vizio TVs and buy something else. Buy something that starts with the letter “S”. Sony, Samsung, Sharp are brands I would recommend.

Agree with the other comments. I have had a high end vizio 4k for 3 years now and never had an issue. Would not touch the lower end series with Vizio though.

I bought a Vizio TV from at least 6 yeards ago, and it’s still going strong. Granted, it’s not a smart TV with all the bells and whistles, but I trust the brand and would buy them again. I wouldn’t buy a Smart TV if I can avoid it, which I think will be harder and harder, the longer this Vizio TV lasts.

The TV does not come with a stand.
Like who thought “Hey let’s skimp on the little legs that won’t possibly tick off the customer amirite?”
Get rid of that moron. Saving <$10 shouldn’t be worth ticking off a customer that just spent $400.

I’m very sorry. We don’t do refurbishing.

This was factory reconditioned by VIZIO. Have you contacted them to ask for a stand?

If they can’t help you, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Woot doesn’t do the refurb, but you do the sale. Very unimpressive Woot. I too got one with no stand, also no instructions and a screen that was all but shattered. Great quality control. And you sell these woot, so don’t blame anyone else. If you can’t get a supply of reliably useful equipment, don’t sell the equipment. I had to box up and ship back the debris that I was sold by Woot. Unhappy customer.

Mine too had no stand, also no instruction manual, and the screen was all but shattered. Ticked off customer here.

I agree. I meant it to explain that we don’t know the item is missing the stand.

I’ve sent feedback to the TV buyer.