VIZIO 55" 4K Ultra HD FullArray LED Smart TV

Looks like a good deal. Anyone recommend it? My only concern is any possible Super Bowl deals that may come up in a week or so.

I just picked this up. I’ve done a lot of searching for a solid deal on a 55" 4K and this one seems to be the best. I’ve read a bunch of reviews and had side by side comparisons in store. The M series seems to be a pretty great TV for the money, comparable to the +$1,000 models from Sony and Samsung. I hope I’m not wrong.

A lot of the Super Bowl TV deals seem to be more of some specially manufactured TVs just to sell for cheap. The Vizio M doesn’t fall into that category.

Thanks for your comment. Your sentiments mirror mine completely.

I was actually thinking about the 50 inch version of this TV, but at this price, I’m too tempted.

Just gotta get final approval from the missus :stuck_out_tongue:

Pulled the trigger. Now to play refurb roulette.

I literally just bought one of these from Amazon for $799. I’ve only had it set up for a week, but I’m pleased so far.

Prior to this I’ve only had mid-range Samsung’s. The picture settings out-of-the-box are rough, but I used this as sort of a starting place:

Thanks for all the comments, all! After all the reviews I read, I felt good, but refurb always scares me. I’m excited to get this bad boy!

Bought one of these. Delivered today. Spent over 6 hours mounting it, running cables, and hooking everything up. Finally turned on the TV and… broken. When off, looks perfect. When on, no picture and almost looks like it’s cracked underneath. So frustrating. Wish I didn’t spend half my day working on this. Box was not damaged at all, so clearly broken before shipped. Surprised Woot would send a broken product.

I’m sorry for the problem. Our supplier would not have shipped a broken TV. Damage can happen in transit that doesn’t damage the box - such as it falling from upright to laying down.

Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

I just had a similar experience. Solid red line down the left side of the screen and a crack in the image in the lower left. Woot support sent me to Vizio who said they don’t warranty cracked screens. I’m not quite sure who did the refurbishing on these units? Wish Woot would list that, as Factory refurbish is different than 3rd party. Not sure what I’m going to do, might have to return.

EVERY company ships defectives… its just a matter of how many.