VIZIO 55" 4K Ultra HD FullArray LED Smart TV

Caution: These TV’s have had a new power supply board installed - and the ‘Refurbished’ one failed AGAIN after 93 days of use.
Since I used a major retailer, they did the right thing and refunded my money. I don’t think that WOOT would be that accommodating.
That being said, it’s a nice TV but was designed with a fatal flaw, and not addressed when refurbishing these sets :frowning:

Thanks for the heads up. How is the USB playback ? My Samsung(Which needs to be replaced) seems to play every type of video file I throw at it.

Weren’t they offering this same TV “NEW” like 2 weeks ago for the same price…or even lower? I wonder why they are refurbs all of a sudden.

It was the same price refurbed. I had gotten one, but the screen was cracked on delivery.

Did you end up getting a new one? Does it work well, now?