VIZIO 55" 4K Ultra HD FullArray LED Smart TV

Am I the only one that has trouble buying TV’S from WOOT!?! I am 3 for 3 the first two couldn’t be refunded because I got one ada a gift and by the time they opened it the 90 days was up, 2nd one was moving so again I should have tried it but I thought no way it will work, so I didn’t want to take the chance removing it from the packaging, bad move.TV #3 Got it opened it, worked for 2 days then just shut down. Sent back and was told for ALL my problems I would get a full refund, I guess that meant minus $55. I love WOOT and this just sucks bc I would like a TV AND losing $50 for something that wasn’t my fault totally stinks. Am I alone in the TV trouble , am I just cursed?

I don’t know about alone, but i’ve bought two, both vizio’s and they’ve been great.

I hesitate to buy from here too due to their lack of support, and willingness to offer decent squaretrade protections. You can’t go right to squaretrade b/c they don’t cover refurbished products unless its through a reseller like woot, but then they upcharge you for the plan and drop the coverage to 1 yr…so this doesn’t build my confidence at all.

Yea, I bought a TV last month and it came with a huge crack on the screen. They did take it back and fully refund my money but they didn’t have anymore of the tv’s in stock. Customer service was very good though.