VIZIO 55" 1080p LED Smart TV w/ Wi-Fi

**Item: **VIZIO 55" 1080p LED Smart TV w/ Wi-Fi
Price: $659.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Previous Similar Sales (May not be exact model)
9/5/2013 - $659.99 (Woot Plus)

So with shipping the total is 665.99?

This woot is almost the DEBIL!!

Product Page
Many Review from Amazon (4 star)
4.4 Star Avg from Best Buy
4.2 Star from Walmart

Since Woot/Amazon now collect sales tax, this is a mediocre deal. A new one from Best Buy or Amazon costs $728 new with a full one year perts/labor guarantee with free delivery. This Woot is 659.99 for a refurbie. The differential in price and the type of item means that I would prefer the new warranty versus the $665 with shipping and a $100.00 for the square trade warranty.
In essence, Best Buy is for once the “Best Buy”. Sorry Woot, I am a big fan, but this sucks…

So with the YouTube app can you watch any video on YouTube, or only sponsored ones?

I’ll paste here what I said in the last deal thread.

Spend a little extra and buy new! I purchased the 70" E701i-A3 and received it with a large scratch on the screen. Woot generously offered to replace it when I sent pictures of it. But, to my horror, after maybe 15 hours of use it had developed a vertical yellow line down the entire screen. Refurbished does not mean in good condition! I put in a case with Woot support and SEKO was there within a couple days to pick up the unit. I’m awaiting Woot now to return my money once they receive the unit back.

Looks like basically the same TV is at Sams Club Brand new for $698

I am a wooter…wooting