VIZIO 55" or 70" 1080p LED Smart TV

**Item: **VIZIO 55" or 70" 1080p LED Smart TV
Price: $659.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Read (and watch) a “very good” review on the 70" over at

Oooh go for it folks - I just got my 47" Vizio LED Smart TV from last week’s woot and it is perfect in every way. :heart:you, Woot.

Very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) on the 70" model over at

Let’s check out the product page for the 55" and the 70"

Still in Germany for another month or the 70" would be mine…sigh

Here is until the next time it is on Woot…hopefully. crosses fingers

I recently got my little 42" and I really like it…except for the remote. It’s teeny tiny and feels extremely cheap. I have anger towards it. I heard much about the sound quality of the speakers too. It’s true, not great at all, but for some reason Pandora sounds MUCH better than regular television. Nothing a cheap Woot bought surround sound cant fix though.

It is $728 at the mothership as well as at WallyWorld. If you live outside of certain states, the Amazon offer is clearly superior.

It feels like woot is trying to drive sales at I wonder how the executives at the mothership calculate Woot’s contribution to the bottom line as I’d assume quite a few people would look up prices here and end up buying at

Not to mention that the $728 is for a brand new 55’.

As my teenaged nephews would say, “this is a crazy bad deal”.

70" is $1598 new on Amazon or $1578 if a Prime member and includes the 1 year warranty.

That’s $79 to $99 more for new with same warranty if you add ST for $199.

If you’ll roll the dice and go with the short warranty, obviously a good deal.

oh im sure it will be here when you get home.

The ‘take’ or ‘don’t take’ a risk with a refurb debate happens every time.

From what I’ve seen Groupon largely takes the argument away with prominently displayed free return shipping on defective products.

Seems like Woot is long overdue for the same policy. Not doing so implies a lack of confidence in the refurb.

If the defective rate is low as Woot has indicated in the past then a policy change should be near cost free.

And the “we’re different, we need to keep costs down” argument doesn’t wash since even tho the prices might be lower on that particular woot day, a week before or after someone often has a similar deal.

There are tons of customer options out there, thank you woot for allowing respectful public disagreement. It might be one of the few remaining differentiators.

Wrong. It is $698 for the 55" if you are a prime member (which I don’t know why anyone is not at this point!) This discount alone would pay for almost half your membership cost

"Prime Members Save $30 on This TV
Members of Amazon Prime qualify for a lower price on this model (when sold by Add this item to your cart and see your discount at the final checkout page. "

I purchased the Vizio 55" E550i back in January 2013, new from BJ’s, for $1000. Also purchased a 3yr Square Trade warranty on it for $61. I’ve been getting plenty of 30% off codes from Square Trade practically everyday for the last few weeks, so be sure to sign up or head over to FatWallet, where I believe there is a thread that has (or had) unused codes.

Back to the TV.

It’s a beautiful picture, but then again, I’m not a pixel snob. I can barely tell between regular & HDTV. I’ve read plenty of reviews of people complaining about the coloring. I haven’t had any issues, although there is a review floating around on Amazon where someone posted the optimal settings. I printed it out, but couldn’t locate it online, so some digging would have to be done.

I only had 1 issue, where Netflix wouldn’t load. I called Vizio’s customer service, and I have to say, the rep was awesome and very helpful, and we had the problem resolved within 5 minutes. It was as simple as unplugging the TV for 30 seconds, but it solved the problem. Vizio acknowledged that there was a Netflix bug. It hasn’t happened again since; dd watches her shows on Netflix a lot. I haven’t watched the TV all that much, it’s in the basement for the kids, and has a Wii & Playstation hooked up to it. I played with the apps a little and didn’t have any trouble. I also liked that I can watch my downloaded movies on my flash drive. There was one format it wouldn’t read, maybe .mkv? I’d have to double check that. I thought I posted my findings on Amazon, to someones question, but it seems to have disappeared.

You can save $$$ buy purchasing the refurb (90 day Woot Warranty), although with Christmas coming up, you might find a new one for the same price or possibly cheaper (1 year mfg. warranty).

For the record, you can get a new 55" on Amazon for $728, and if you’re a Prime member, $698. Plus tax, if applicable.

Regardless, get a Square Trade warranty.

Purchased one of these last week and sent it back. It had a pixel-wide blue line running vertically up the middle of the screen. Ended up buying a Panasonic. Wouldn’t gamble with a Vizio again, let alone a refurb Vizio.

can you post back please? that is definitely a deal breaker for me and if my 5 year old Samsung can play .mkv, I’m really confused why this model wouldn’t.


I only see the $728 - where are you finding this price?

Vizio 70" TV arrived with serious pixel damage - 60% of the screen has no picture. This is the saddest woot in history. And it killed the excitement of receiving a gift. I emailed support and am now waiting to hear back.