VIZIO 60" 3D Razor LED Smart TV

Why are we not ALLOWED to buy TV’s without embedded “SMART” chips?

Does anyone know if I can watch movies that are NOT 3D with this TV? It would be silly if you couldn’t but I can’t find anything confirming this and I want to make sure…

I’m certain that you can. I stayed in a rental cabin last winter that had a 3D TV. It was like watching a regular tV, but if you wanted to watch a 3D movie it also did that too.

1 - 3D just gives you the option, you certainly don’t have to use it.

2 - Smart features, you also don’t have to use them either. At this stage in the game, it’s cheaper to just mass produce them all with it (cost relatively nothing to add this) and be a value added feature.
I would rather pay extra for something better for the “smart” function (such as an Apple TV, or whatever else)

Got 3 of these for work for conference rooms. Don’t plan to use any of the features. It’s still a great deal without using the extra features.

M series = professional model

It doesn’t have as deep a black level as a plasma; suffers from more blooming than many LCDs; skin tones appear a little red; similar motion resolution to a 120Hz TV; reflective screen; Yahoo apps seem clunky; remote sensor isn’t very responsive.

Like most bad TVs; this has a 240Hz refresh rate, although as is often the case, it behaved more like a 120Hz TV. Most likely it’s using a cheap trick to make a native 60hz or native 120hz appear to be 240hz; but badly.