VIZIO 60" 4K UHD Full-Array LED Smart TV

Does this come with a manufacturer warranty? Or just the 90 woot warranty

^^^ 2nd this request ^^^

The feature tab says

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

If your question is “Does it come with a manufacture warranty and a 90 day woot?” Then the answer would be it just comes with a 90 woot.

Can this 60" Vizio be wall mounted?

Yes … Look under specs for the VESA pattern… that will tell you which wall mounts will fit

I would like to know who the refurbisher of this TV is, I purchased this exact set from another retailer that was refurbished by Sohnen. The set arrived dead. Sohnen would not accept responsibility and wanted me to pay to have it sent back (a cost of over $150 - it’s a big TV!).

That’s a good point. All these refurbs we see listed all over Woot SHOULD tell us exactly who did the refurb. We can take it from there.

I bought a small Vizio refurb back in October and the internet didn’t work. Is this factory refurbished by Vizio or someone else?

This made me look up what the 90 day warranty at woot includes and it says

Sounds like it is a horrible idea to buy a refurbished big screen from woot esp if there is a chance that it will arrive DOA. The money you save over new will get eaten up if you have to send it back to get a replacement or your money back.

This is an awesome TV, but it was on sale for $699 at Walmart last week.

Might be worth waiting until BestBuy/Target/etc start liquidating their inventories if you want one

Rtings review

Upscaling of 1080p content is said to be very good, so don’t be afraid of the 4k making your 1080 content look blurry. Seems like a very solid purchase.

Technically it still is, just out of stock online.