VIZIO 60" 4K UHD Full-Array LED Smart TV

Good deal? Seems pricey consider the 55 inch last week was 599. Should have been 699

This is CNet’s top rated TV of 2015. M-series from Vizio are legit.

Review here

I have this exact TV in this size and I LOVE it. Blacks are superb compared to anything short of OLED, good contrast ratios with local dimming on (though it sometimes is over aggressive with that). Nice job upscaling 720p and higher. Reviews indicate there’s some smear on fast moving bright spots (think golf or tennis) but I can’t recreate that issue. I’m very satisfied with this TV.

The 55" M-Series isn’t the same TV. It’s tricky marketing but if you care about refresh rate the 60" and higher are the only M series with a 240Hz “Effective” refresh rate which translates to a true 120Hz refresh. The 55" and lower have an “Effective” refresh rate of 120Hz whch translates to only a true 60Hz. Hence the price diference between those to sizes in particular.

Exactly. Also, from what I’ve seen, among Vizios each 5" adds about $250-300 when new, you can slightly discount that for refurbs.