VIZIO 60" 4K UHD Full-Array LED Smart TV

Costco has a 58" Vizio 4K UHD for $699 NEW with a two year warranty. Great TV though.

That’s the D series. This is the M series. M series has faster refresh rate, much better dynamic contract ratio, and more local dimming active zones. The M series has been C-Net’s top rated 4K tv for a long time. I own the 43" and couldn’t be happier.

Have had this TV for a week now, purchased new for a lot more than $799. So far, I like everything about the TV (used AV Forums to find the right calibration settings). The only downside is the TV speakers are just “ok”, certain shows/enviornments make the speech audio hard to hear. Though, few people rely on TV speaker audio these days. All other aspects of the TV are great. We also have the 2013 model year M80 which was 3D, it too is a great TV. CNET review:

Can any Woot staffer advise if these Vizio 4k’s will ever be offered in smaller sizes? I want the 50" but it’s been left out of the last few sales I’ve seen.

It should be noted that buying retail will add anywhere from 7-10% sales tax also. That can become a big chunk of change once you start spending over $500.

I don’t have that information. Each sale is comprised from what our vendor has to offer at that time.

I’ve been watching this TV for the past few listings and recall a question being asked of Woot! staff who did the refurbish on these. Not all “refurbished” vendors are the same and I don’t see that this was done by the factory itself. Can someone from Woot shed some light on that aspect of this TV?

Who refurbished these? Vizio? You? Joe down in his basement? It can make the difference between a great buy and getting someone else’s garbage.

I’m on the fence and am thinking of purchasing but am curious who refurbished these too. From my experience the manufacturer won’t be any help since it wasn’t purchased from an authorized reseller and not refurbished by them, so the quality of refurbish is the difference between having a giant paper weight and a good investment

I am assuming (but looking for validation) that the only warranty on this refurbished TV is the Woot 90 day limited warranty (no manufacturer’s warranty); unless you buy the $109 one-year protection plan. Correct?


so can you all provide any details on who refurbished these? Seems like a few of us are curious and are waiting for this question to be answered before pulling the trigger.

It’s a third party vendor that we’ve worked with for years now.

Do you know if there’s other TV stand available for this TV? It is a little too wide for my current TV cabinet.

Thank you!

Any thoughts on 60" vs 65"? Price difference is pretty significant and makes me want to go with the 60"…I’m probably about 9-10 ft from my TV.

Hope this helps!

lol, too wide…

Arrived damaged. Sadly no replacement available. Second defective unit. Time to kill the monkey.