Vizio 60" LED 1080p Smart TV

Need to get a new TV, this one any good? Personal experiences?

I’ve been researching TV’s in this size/price range for a while. Keeping in mind that this is last year’s 1080 model, and not this year’s 4K M series model, you have to make sure you’re looking at the correct review.

While the M series is a decent bang for the buck, a couple different reviews prefer the E series instead. Apparently the 2014 M series has some issues with the local dimming feature taking a couple seconds to kick in, which means you’re better off not using it to avoid the distraction. Local dimming is pretty much the entire reason to look at the Vizio TV’s. Without that feature, you’re losing a lot of value.

Personally, I’m holding out until I see a really good deal on an E, P, or M series from 2015. There was a 55" 2014 E series on the other electronics woot sale, but it was last year’s model and wasn’t cheap enough after a squaretrade warranty to make me want to step down to an older model.

Thank you for your input. I’ve been looking for a while as well and everything doesn’t seem worth the money. I was hoping to get a new TV during the Amazon Prime sale, but yea… Guess I’ll keep looking around.

Really good review on CNET:

But…hoping Woot can confirm or deny:
-Looks like the same model on Tiger Direct for $649.99
-and same model at WallyWorld for $699: . I have read that WalMart refurbs are frequently poorly packed and arrive broken; I have had only good luck with Woot refurbs.