VIZIO 60" 4K Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV

This appears better than the other TV that is $50 more. This has more active LED zones, but the same amount of HDMI inputs.

The refurb VIZIO P602UI-B3 is available for $100 less with free shipping on Groupon. Plus free returns.

Or on the mothership NEW with full warranty for just over a $100 more.

More to it than that. The other one is this year’s M model, which uses better upscaling processing, so all of your non-4K stuff will look better. Yes, it has fewer local dimming zones, but the reviews that I’ve seen prefer this year’s M-C models to last year’s P-B models. The new P series is supposed to hit later this year.

Also, as mentioned, the brand new version with a full warranty isn’t much more. I’ve been disappointed lately by the prices in these TV sales. Add on a squaretrade warranty (because who’s going to roll the dice when spending this kind of money) and you’re just barely under full retail price.


Ouch, you’ve hurt our feelings. The buyer is in the corner crying and refuses to come out. He’s agreed to lower the price to $929.99 but he’s mumbling a lot of unintelligible words.

Small print: If you already purchased, that money will fly back in your pockets soonish.

Now please, go buy a TV so we can coax him out of the corner. It’s really disruptive to the others trying to work.