VIZIO 65" 1080p Full-Array LED Smart TV

its 999 at target, just saw it tonight.

They don’t list it online. Maybe you saw a different model?

I have the D650i-B2 mounted to the wall in my living room. It is a great TV and I’ve been very happy with it. This price does seem quite high though. I purchased mine in November 2014 from WalMart on sale for $648. The regular price at the time was $999.

The one I got had some severe discoloration and Vizio send me a new one to replace it. This march, the TV refused to power on. It was 4 months past the one year warranty. I was able to buy a parts kit from an online supplier for $95 which contained replacement boards/cables for this model. I didn’t have any trouble repairing it on my own and it once again works great.

I use the smart features to watch Amazon Prime and they work great. There is an Amazon and Netflix button right on the remote.