VIZIO 65" 1080p Full-Array LED Smart TV

Yeah…Buy a non 4K “Vizio” TV for almost $1000.

Great deal!..NOT!!

I paid $648 over a year ago. It’s currently $300 cheaper at Newegg!!!

NOT a deal!

I paid $648 for this exact model(D650i-B2) new from Wal-Mart in November 2014. I had to have it replaced by Vizio a month after I got it. It died this march and I had to spend $90 on a new board and power supply to repair it. I’m happy with the TV but wouldn’t spend near this on this model today. You can buy newer, better displays for this much or cheaper, even 4K.

You can literally buy a BRAND NEW version of the 2016 model of this TV from VIZIO at MSRP for the same price:

Where’s the deal, w00t?

These are brand new, see condition in description. Also, Vizio charging $145 for shipping the 65" so Woot has the better deal!

Yeah, for a refurb, these are new!