VIZIO 65" 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV

90 day warranty and I’m responsible for return shipping on a faulty 65" TV ?

Let’s see who is the first idiot to buy a TV with only 3 month coverage.

If the TV were defective, you wouldn’t be responsible for return shipping.

Confirmed. I returned a 50" refurb Hisense that died within 2 months. I received a prepaid FedEx label and Woot refunded every penny I paid for it.

In all honesty, even with the 10% (as it’s max $30) this is not a really good deal as in the last month they went for around $1200 or less new.

I’ve become careful on Woot refurbs after the Hisense died on me so quickly. It replaced a Philips 37" refurb that lasted 9 years and is still working but was relocated to the guest room.