VIZIO 65" 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV

Got one of these for Black Friday 2015. Love it! Needs a bit of tuning for the best picture on receipt, as all large screens do. We use a Yamaha sound bar & Yamaha sub woofer system for the audio and it makes for a wonderful viewing experience. Not a lot of 4k streaming yet, but what is out there is unbelievable.

Vizio has their bottom line TVs in the D and E series. They had a top line P series but for 2015 transferred most of the top shelf features and specs to their M series.
Our last TV was a top of the line Panasonic Plasma 60" class system and was the best picture available in 2007. This one is so much better it’s hard to comprehend until you see it. Refurb is 90 day warranty and the Square Trade 1 year warranty is $179.99. if a new set meets or beats $1229.98 I’d go new because it already has a 1 year warranty. But with a quick check this is the best deal by about $100.00. Other brands aren’t even close for the top specs.

Sam’s Club currently has this set with a 4-year SquareTrade warranty for $1248+tax. If I didn’t have a $250 Costco GC, I’d be all over that.

As tempting as these prices may be, the short standard warranty, expensive and short SquareTrade warranty, and the hassle of coping with any problems with such a huge item make this a pass for me. I had a refurbed Surfboard modem bought here fail in less than two weeks, but at least returning it was a matter of dropping a small light box off at UPS, not a huge TV set.

I have bought my last three large screens, a Samsung 52" in 2004, a Panny 60" in 2008, and this one. I had my Samsung repaired under warranty and they come to your door to pick them up. If I buy locally then I have to pack it up and haul it back to the store. And I have to pick it up and carry it in and set it up. This Vizio was brought inside and set up as well as powered on for a power on test. Much easier than getting it myself.