VIZIO 65" 1080p 120Hz LED Smart TV

4 Star Reviews on Amazon

Yes, but can James Madison fit inside it?

Great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at

Is there a non-“smart” variant of this TV to compare prices to? I don’t imagine I would be using the smart features all that much since I have an Xbox/Wii U for media playback and planning on building an HTPC.

Great reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at

Seems like a pretty sweet deal. My very first Woot was the 65" Olevia big pimpin’ TV back in 2008 - it’s great, and I still use it, but it cost 2 1/2 times as much as this one, and weighs twice as much.

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And, TV is awesome.

Bought this model new from Sam’s Club four months ago. Very happy with it.

Can you share more info? What features you like? Or Pros/Cons?

User manual for those that find it handy

Costco is selling the smart version for $1,599 (new, two year warranty) and the non-smart version for $1,289 (also new, two year warranty).

I’ve found this forum to be of great use when considering a tv purchase. Plus their calibration recommendations are also spot on!

Ok, seriously though, I have the Vizio 47" / 240 Hz version of this, and my only complaint is that it takes SO LONG to power up. The “smart” features are kinda useless since we have a media center PC hooked up to it. The picture quality is great and it has plenty of inputs.

I’ve been wanting this TV but the location where I’d have to put it is 2" too narrow to fit this TV.

I have the 50" version of this TV. Love it.
One-button access to Netflix and Amazon.
Hulu and Vudu and DLNA viewer and other apps are accessed by menu. Plenty of inputs, HDMI and component/composite for any legacy devices. That said, I only use one HDMI from my receiver and the optical out for OTA sound (5.1) back to my receiver. Wifi setup was a breeze with the qwerty remote (password entry and searching and app logins).

I got an early one from sams (50") that went dark. Called Visio and they replaced it with no trouble or cost to me within two weeks. Their warranty service and delivery was outstanding and I would trust a refurb with square trade if it didn’t come with a Visio warranty on the refurb.

Paid $688 for my 50" at BF. So this is a good deal for a 65" refurb.

Hmmm, very tempting but similar spec 60" Sony, new, for same price at Fry’s in store…

What Costco is selling are the

3D Version $1599+$100 shipping +tax :”-Class-(65.00"-Diag.)-Razor-LED™-Smart-TV-with-Theater-3D®-M3D651SV.product.100019505.html

And the version being sold on Woot today $1289+$100 shipping + tax:"-Class-1080p-120Hz-LED-HDTV-M650VSE.product.100008009.html

Both are the smart version with the Vizio Apps.

For me in NJ:

Subtotal: $1,289.99
Shipping & Handling: $99.99
Tax: $97.30

Order Total: $1,487.28

Considering the Costco one is new and you get a 2 year warranty, my money is on Costco. Sorry Woot.

The smart stuff is kind of slow you probably won’t us it. They used to make a none smart one but no more.

If it’s so smart, can it figure out a way for me to pay for it?