VIZIO 65" 4K Home Theater Display

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VIZIO 65" 4K Home Theater Display
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Your write-up states 10 Active LED zones, the Specs say 12. Also, other than the pic, I didn’t see HDR listed.

I really want to pull the trigger on this, but keep hearing horror stories about bad pixels and “acceptable failure” - can anyone offer their experiences with pixel problems?

Hmmm. I think the pic is misleading because this TV does not appear to be HDR. Please clarify, as that is an issue for me.

What’s the model number?

It is the VIZIO E65-E0. It says that right in the specs…

And just FYI this TV is not an HDR TV. Even though the screen shots and the specs list “high dynamic range” this TV only has an 8bit panel and doesn’t get near bright enough to be considered HDR. They mostly just list it as HDR because it can accept an HDR source.

If you want a Vizio HDR TV the only one to look at is the P series since it is the only one in their lineup with a 10bit panel and has the necessary brightness.

No idea how I missed that… thanks!

There is a firmware update for this TV that allows HDR10 content. The first time you connect the TV to the internet, it’ll download it.

What is the difference between a ‘home theater display’ and a television?

Home theater display doesn’t have a tuner. A TV does.

This TV is just a display with a built in chrome cast.

Home theater display means there is not TV Tuner.

Hi all. per the VIZIO site:

Featuring High Dynamic Range with HDR10 content support, 4K Ultra HD resolution

Does that answer y’all’s questions? I’ll admit that I’m not up on HDR. :\

Works fine on my 65 inch m series from Vizio. Looks amazing to.

Yup HDR will play back on the M series but the M is not a real HDR TV. The M series does not have the wide color gamut like the P series and it also does not get as bright as the P. Both of these factors are the main selling points of HDR. The whole point of HDR is have a wider range of colors and a brighter picture.

Does the M series still look good? Yeah it does, but it’s still not a true HDR TV.

Don’t buy this, Vizio is not a even an OK brand to buy. Pixels die too quickly, and the panels they use are of cheap quality. Color sucks as well. Ive gone through to many.

Can anyone tell me if this display could properly receive a signal from Kodi through a Rasberry Pi? If so, I’m very interested but as that is the only device I use, its critical the display can do that.

I purchased this tv through a major box store. What a HUGE disappointment. Very dull picture. Impossible to adjust. I ended up taking it back and purchasing the Samsung. Night and day. I was told that Visio was bought out a couple of years ago and the quality went out the window. Buyer beware!

Vizio makes very nice TVs. They do have numerous inexpensive models, to cater to all consumers. Before lecturing people on what amounts to your opinion, maybe have some actual evidence, and using readable grammar and punctuation wouldn’t hurt either…