VIZIO 65" 4K SmartCast Home Theater Display

I own this P65. This is a good price for a TV with so many features. The fact that it can do either DolbyVision or HDR10 makes it more future-proof than other TVs. The picture quality is great, especially when playing a 4K HDR movie (the Mad Max 4K Blu-ray is jaw-dropping). True full-array local dimming at this price is unheard of. I’ve had it for about 10 months now, seems to be reliable. Setup was annoying, but otherwise, no real complaints.

The tablet is a bit of a gimmick. I only use it to change settings. Since I have an X-Box One-S, I don’t even use the Chromecast feature, I just use the Xbone for all my multimedia (since the S can pump out 4K HDR). Even before the S, I just used my phone to control the TV. Sometimes the TV loses the pairing to the phone, but it seems to never lose the pairing to the tablet.

Brand new for $1,599.00, free shipping, and no tax:

Costco has it for $1,550. Throw in an extra $90 and get a 5 year warranty."-Class-(64.5"-Diag.)-4K-Ultra-HD-Smart-Home-Theater-Display-P65-C1.product.100321152.html

Curious, Sold-Out now but how MUCH $$$$ was this refurb?
And what length /type warranty was included?
Edit= Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

Wondering how it was priced.
(With 90-day warranty not much I hope!)

PS: Using (some) Credit cards adds to warranty length /and or gives you other options/ extra layer of protections.

Usually doubling mfg warranty and adding (2) years IIRC to the Costco 5yr warranty.