VIZIO 70" 1080p Full-Array LED Smart TV

Is this the one Walmart just had on sale for $898… New?

Not a deal.

I was thinking the same thing but to be fair that was a door buster on BF. Those are supposed to be loss leaders.

Fry’s had those on sale for $799…

The Walmart model was the E700i-B3, a 2014 model, this is the E70-C3, a 2015 model. This one claims a 240 Hz refresh rate, compared to 120 Hz on the Walmart model.
Also, if you need a 70" set now, unless you have a time machine to travel back to Thanksgiving, you’re going to have trouble finding one for $899.
I bought this set the last time Woot had it and I’m happy with the picture.

I had this TV before. Nice picture. Preferred it over my Sharp Aquos. Will NEVER buy another TV from woot. I bought 2 referb Vizio and I am not happy with 1 of them. I have a 75" Samsung, the picture on this Vizio isn’t nearly as good.

I was suprised seeing the 70" for $999 ESP since it has 240 refresh rate. I have a 70" 120 refresh vizio which I love, BUT I have a some pixel burn in certain spots, luckily you can only see it when the screen is completely black, other than that, love my vizio.

These are literally disposable. Search for problems with Vizio TV’s and you will find that there are thousands of bad TV’s out there. Mine died at 18 months. So if you are going to buy, please, please buy the extended warranty. You will most likely need it.

I’ve had a Vizio 42" since 2009 and it’s still going strong. No issues with the pixels burning or picture quality. My husband sometimes argues that the sound isn’t very good, but he also has a crazy PC setup with 55" tv and soundbar, so what does he know?

All in all, I’ve been satisfied with the quality of Vizio. I think it just depends on a person’s experience and the way the handle their tech.

We went ahead and bought the deal because looking online, we’d be saving a lot more with this since we’d have to get the TV shipped and the taxes were cheaper too. Now I can move my 42" to the bedroom and connect the Wii U for Netflix and all.

Which extended warranty do you recommend?

Search for any brand and you will find 1,000s of bad TVs.

Extended warranties are offered because you most likely will not need it. It’s a business, they make money on them.

Just out of curiosity what brand do you recommend?