VIZIO 70" 4K Display w/Tablet

Wal-Mart just had these on sale for 1299.99. Just FYI

Brand new at Costco for $1679.99.

Do you have a link for that? It would be super helpful!

70" TV, and they couldn’t put in a $35 tuner. No thanks. Visio, get a clue, most tech people have ditched cable. I watch local TV on the high def OTA broadcast, for free. If you want $1600 for a tv, put a tuner in it, and a guide button on your remote.

Does this model Spy on you? =-P

I got mine new at Costco around Thanksgiving for$1650. Great TV so far, but it does take some getting used to not having a normal remote.

I enjoy being able to cast to the TV. It is very easy to toss up a video I’m watching on my phone, or play music.

I recommend the TV and certainly would purchase it again. Just make sure to have about 5 people to mount it on the wall… Especially if it is mounting up high…