VIZIO 70" 4K Display w/Tablet

I got this model from Costco new back at Thanksgiving time for a couple hundred more. Great picture, and I don’t even have any 4k sources to watch on it even. Easy to"cast" to it from nearly any source. It takes a little getting used to using the tablet remote, which I only use when casting Netflix or such. Otherwise I just use my TiVo remote. There is a small remote included with volume, channel, source controls if one can’t handle the tablet as a remote for every function.

Wish I had a Google Home to go with this TV since apparently you can just tell it to cast Netflix and a certain show to your TV and it turns on and starts playing.

Btw, before I spent my $ on this TV, I did a lot of research, and this is rated very well from multiple sources. I’d say that you won’t be disappointed with this TV…

I was a faithful Vizio customer having bought 6 tv’s over the years. Never had a problem except with the last one which was a 70" bought new from Costco. When one of the panels crapped out they replaced with same model but refurbished which has also crapped out but now out of warranty. I have come to find out that they were selling that model knowing full well that the panels could very well be faulty and compounding it by replacing with the same. Their customer service on this matter was poor at best. In researching on the net it appears they screwed a lot of people over this issue. So let the buyer beware.