VIZIO 70" 4K Smart Home Theater Display

Vizio is selling this new right now for $1,804.99 if you sign up for their newsletter ($1899 - 5%) w/ free shipping, FYI. Full warranty, non-refurbished.

FYI- To Woot/amazon, the pricing on these particular TV’s should be reviewed by someone on your staff asap. Currently you can purchase a NEW versions of these TV’s for, in some cases several hundred dollars less than what you are asking for refurbs (what sense does that make) . I’m just saying…

I will absolutely look into this. Any links you have to the sale of these TVs at better prices will be much appreciated. I’m seeing very similar models for less, but not this specific model sadly. Again, any help in this would be very appreciated.

Thank you!


Here is a link for the 60in model at Costco."-Class-(59.5"-Diag.)-4K-Ultra-HD-Smart-Home-Theater-Display-M60-D1.product.100309723.html

You can see my comment in its entirety on the 60" product page here.

The Costco unit also comes with a two warranty.

Costco had the M70-D3 unit on sale for 1699.00 last week. The unit came with a two year warranty(basically a Costco swap out). If you use the Costco CC the warranty double to 4 years.

I shared that link with our vendor team. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. At this time, I still haven’t heard back from them, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

In for three!