VIZIO 70" 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV



No way I’d have one of these. Vizio sells the data on how you use it:


Just bought this same model brand new at Costco for the same price


If you buy the warranty, It’s almost the same price as BESTBUY


Seriously? This is not a good deal. You can buy this set many places new for the same price. Sucker born every minute.


Boy, you’ve been had, woot. Or you are losing it altogether. 1700 odd dollars for a brand new 65 inch 4K curved screen Samsung at Costco and you are offering this?


As everyone else is saying, this set was even cheaper BRAND NEW at costco recently.

Woot… what happened to you?


People, Vizio TVs are crap. Don’t not buy them. Do some research, these sets are trouble.


Full array, local dimming 4K set. Purchased the 65" brand new from Costco for $100 less than the refurb model sold here. The full array local dimming doesn’t get the blacks I am accustomed to with my 50" Panasonic plasma (and that set is a monster with black levels), but with some tweaking, it gets very close.
The Vizio brand is not the gold-plated turd you make it out to be. They certainly have made some dreadful displays, but this is not one of them.


It got very good mention over at the avsforum and those folks know stuff about TVs that I sure don’t. So as with some other folks writing in, I bought one new at Costco two weeks ago for the same price. I like it.


You guys really found the 70" at Costco for the same price? I went there yesterday to compare, and it was almost $250 more! The only advantage was that I’d get a two year warranty instead of this 90 day nonsense.

I hope they drop the price again, if it ever really was that low…