VIZIO 70" 1080p LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi

Here is a CNet video review

Check out this review from PC Mag or All the Amazon Reviews

4.4 stars on Amazon, $1,698 -

Cheapest Google could find is $1,422 -

More info and such on the Product Page

TONS of very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at

Solid reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at

You can get the same model from Costco, new, for $1,679.99. For the the last month, they had a $200 rebate and it was less than $1500.

Also, Costco extends the manuf. warranty to 2 years and you can buy a Squaretrade 3 yr warranty (for total of 5 years) for $99. Looks like only a 1 year Squaretrade warranty from Woot is $199.

I think the better bet is from Costco here.

This is just NOT a good WOOT deal.
I can get this same thing for a cheaper price right down the street!
I love Woot for giving me deals I can’t get anywhere else. This is not even close to one of those deals!
Come on Woot!

No Deal here. Costco with 2 year warranty thumps this “deal”.


$1498 at my local Sams Club on Tuesday, with a $200 instant savings rebate, plus free delivery (free shipping if you buy online).

Great TV by the looks of things, but just not a better deal than you can find elsewhere. I am finding that this is the case more and more with Woot. The deals here used to be outstanding. Now they are almost always the same deals you can find everywhere else with a little bit of poking around.

Amazes me how Vizio has gone from the bargain basement maker of TVs to getting higher reviews than Sony/Samsung. These TVs appear to be quality these days. My next will definitely be a Vizio. I wish I could spring for this one today.

You have to take a lot of user reviews with a grain of salt.

I find many user reviews on Amazon and other places are from people who are more interested in bragging about their recent purchase than providing an informative, objective review.

Buyers typically don’t want to admit they just bought a piece of crap. Many haven’t even had the item for a month! A lot of reviewers don’t update the review after time passes.

Same can be said about the negative reviews. Some are “Item arrived damaged” and they give it a 1 star review.

So saying “A lot of good reviews at XYZ Website” means next to nothing in my opinion.

Something having a lot of good reviews is generally a good thing. I shop on newegg a lot and don’t generally look at items with under 50 reviews because I know there are always high and low toss-outs, but enough people saying something is good generally mitigates those you speak of. While I generally don’t trust the best-buy reviewing populace, 250 at 4.6 on average establishes a pretty trustworthy baseline, IMO.

Which Sam’s Club is this? Their site lists two 70" TVs for $1,700 and zero for $1,500.

Agreed. I’d much rather have them, then not.

I can’t tell from your wording if you’re saying Costco still has this deal going. I looked on their site and the price was $1,700.

May be a local thing, but I’m with the person above,

Still plenty of good reviews though

I am not the poster, However, as a long time Costco member I can say that the b&m
stores usually have better prices, specials, etc. than their websites.

Another thing about Costco is their no questions asked on returns. On Tv you
have up to 90 days to decide whether to
keep it or take it back.

add$50 for shipping unless you have a large truck and $136 local sales tax … Looking north of $1900 at this point.