VIZIO 70" 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV

Clearly I should have waited.

At $1500 I have no regrets. There are no drawbacks to this set I have yet to find in a few months of ownership.

The Wirecutter’s runner-up for Best TV. It used to be their top choice. I’m tempted to buy it every time it goes on sale, but I just started this whole “financial responsibility” thing.

$600 cheaper than Bestbuy, but only 90 day warranty from Woot. If you buy the Squaretrade warranty, you still save $400

Was it a refurb model?

I have been wanting to grab one of these Vizio TVs for a while, and I nearly jumped on this one.

“Refurbished” TVs can be hit or miss at times. And doing a little research, I found that refurbished Vizios can be even more of a gamble.


I wonder if there is a way for Woot to delay delivery. I want to buy but will be out of town when delivery would occur.

We can’t delay the shipping, but you can generally request FedEx to hold most packages for pick up once you have a tracking number.

Square trade site shows:
Coverage only available for new televisions
bought in the past 30 days.

JUST WAIT … do not buy … prices will be cut in half within 7-8 months

Unfortunately these TVs do not last. I bought from Woot and it lasted just over a year (right past manufacturers warranty) before the picture went out due to a known defect and VIZIO offered no help because it wasn’t bought from an authorized seller. I’m left with a very expensive paperweight and buyers remorse.

I’ll never buy a refurbished ANYTHING from Woot! again. Ever.

Basically they just box up used crap and ship it out. Caveat Emptor.

I have the M65-C1 and I love my TV. I bought it brand new from Sam’s Club on Black Friday for 1249. I generally don’t like refurbished, but 1299 for a 70" M-series is a great deal.

is this hdr or hdr compatible?

If your whole screen just suddenly went out it is usually due to heat. I have a space heater in my office room and twice I have left the door closed with heater on and both times I knocked two 26" Asus computer monitors and a 60 inch Vizio. There is no longer a heater in my office. So try to keep your tv as cool as possible like out in the open and away from the wall. Maybe where it is closer to a fan and not under or around a heating vent. They will last a great deal longer.

You want a Vizio HDR ready TV?

I give you a Vizio HDR ready TV:

Find them on Woot, 2018

I have purchased 3 Vizio refurbs over the past 5-3 years and all are running strong. Though none of those were through woot. I did by a 22" famous marker refurb in 2009 from woot which lasted until I got rid of it some 4 years later. Take from that what you will but I’d go for one of these 65 or 70 models if I was in the market.