VIZIO 8" Android Tablet with Folio Case

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VIZIO 8" Android Tablet with Folio Case
$99.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I bought this the last time, with the exception of when i was trying to get it set up (it hung up for a bit) it has been working pretty good for browsing and for running Pandora . Also it can handle Hill Climb Racing (my latest gaming obsession ) pretty well

does boc still exist? perfect time for one D:

also, hillclimb racing is the shiznit!

Can this be updated to Android 3.0+ ?

It will update over the air to Android 3.2.


I bought one last year. Not bad, especially for this price. Good for basics, but a bit laggy if too many apps are running. Be careful of the microSD charging port and headphone jack. Both of those broke on mine and are not as robust as you would expect.

Bought this last year, upgraded to Honeycomb (auto update from Vizio). Worked reasonably well but was way too SLOW!
I sold it on e-bay and now have Samsung Galaxy TAB2 7" which I got on WOOT! for about $165.00. The Samsung is a world better in speed and usefulness and supports the latest Android Operating System
I would not recommend this tablet given the great options now available in the $100-200 range.

Unfortunately I think it has been removed :frowning:

bought one for myself around Christmas. Very happy with it. Netflix works great. It is backlit so I have the Kindle app and can read at night, my old (original) kindle didn’t. Great tab for this price, which is less than I paid.

Bought one for my 11 y/o son at christmas, he hadn’t broke it yet.

CRAP! I paid close to $150 for mine. It works well for what I use it for - mostly e-books. The backlight is nice for nighttime reading and the battery seems to hold up pretty well. For $99 you can’t beat it.

Do you know if you can play minecraft pocket edition on this??

I just picked up a spare. Also, I expect one or another of the grandkids will be begging for a tablet before long.

The case that comes with this is worth probably $40 (or more) just by itself, by the way.

At the risk of sounding out of touch, will this tablet work for taking meeting notes that I can download to my PC when I get back to the office. The games, music, books are nice if they are in addition to helping get work done.

Yes, my son plays it all the time.

Additionally the charging cable has longer than a standard micro USB connection making it almost impossible to charge with a standard micro USB cable. Very annoying.

I bought one for my wife just over a year ago. It’s definitely not flashy, but it has done the job for the basics (email, a little browsing, reading publications). If you load a bunch of stuff, it’ll slow down on you. Nice for the price…just don’t over-expect

awesome :slight_smile: thank you