Vizio 8” Android Tablet with Wi-Fi and Folio Case

Does that include the luxurious pleather case?

Sears has been out of the $149 version for months. Sam has been out of the $195 version also for months.

I got 2 this time. One for myself and one as a gift.

This is what I was waiting for. Hopefully I am done wooting for the night, but I don’t think so.

But no case!

Sears does not. Woot! does.

A bit crazy I know, but then again they did sell 7,200 of these in one day before Christmas!

Hubby loved the one I bought in December so much that I bought him one today.

Grrrr Sold out…

was about to get one as a “spare” for my xoom.

YEA. ME TOO. Missed out in Dec. cause i had to ask a buddy if it had the operating system i could use. When i got back all gone. As soon as i saw it they were gone. And i don’t need a tri-pod

Bought it in December for my wife.
She used it about once a week mainly for Sudoku, so no heavy use at all.
Died a couple of days ago (screen has green spots and whole screen looks burnt. Called Vizio and they told me warranty elapsed 3 months ago…
Last time I buy Vizio - Crappy products, and they don’t stand by their crappy products (I guess for a reason).

I’m very sorry about your wife.
Please see my PM.
In the future be sure to email us first at